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Opening of our first live event for Digital Griffix Film Festival

Digital Griffix film awards is now an IMDB listed international awards competition (Digital Griffix Film Festival). Our trophy is a beautiful crystal eagle head that can be shipped worldwide ! We are planning to do a live screening of some nominees with films who also sent their film in the LIVE SCREENING category in summer 2024. If you receive a finalist badge, it means that your film will be screened ! If you only want to enter our awards competition without screening consideration, you are absolutely free to do so as well. Our jury determines the best films in each category. Note that we do NOT screen all films onsite. You have to be nominated and you have to send your film in the Live Screening category as well. Our goal is to help filmmakers take the next step in their career. Our jury is composed of award winning filmmakers who perfectly understand the hard work put in independent filmmaking !

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