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Digital Griffix Interview with Abdolrahman Sarraei, award winning filmmaker for ''Visualization''

-What made you go into filmmaking/script writing?

Love( passion) and genius

-What is your favorite movie and why?

At the age of thirteen (13), watching a movie called one flew over the cuckoo’s nest with the presence of brilliant and incredible Jack Nicholson as my favorite actor,I fell in love with cinema.

-How would you make your last movie if you had that opportunity?

I did my best when I was making the Visualization, not only in my own opinion but also in others mind it has been one of the best short films so far.

Visualization really met my expectations.

-Why did you choose that particular subject for your latest film?

To be honest Visualization was inspired by my real life. To be more precise it is what I have been experiencing for a while. It had a absolute touch with my thoughts. This is what I have been through and hope you can feel it.

-What do you think is the most important thing to know when you start a career in filmmaking/script writing?

To me it takes a timeless and limitless mind. So if we want to create something dramatic we do need to think outside the box.

-Can you give us a hint about your upcoming projects?

Sure, the pre-production of a new project which is named "Varhara" is in process. After This short film there will be two projects on the way. Actually I am going to start My first feature film with the name of Hollywood dream. All the information is listed on IMDb.

-Where can we follow you and your projects ? (website, facebook, etc)

Best regards,

Abdolrahman Sarraei

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