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Digital Griffix awards recent nominees

Congratulations to our recent nominees !!


Best Producer

From the Oscar® Winning team behind The Silent Child comes 'in too deep'.

Mourning the death of his young daughter, a grieving father goes to extreme measures to relive their fondest memories.

Starring Academy Award® Winner Rachel Shenton and Olivier Award Nominee Stephen Wight.


Best Screenplay for Short Film

Will a visit from a malevolent stranger make a miserable old man rethink his life choices?


Best Screenplay for Short Film

Noah and Faith are typical teenagers. Noah is enjoying life at home and school. Unlike him, Faith is autistic and having responsibilities attaching to her personality. During one of her visits to Noah's home, she discovers something worthy to follow up by asking Noah for a favor.

Motivated by Faith's requested, Noah accepts it and delivers his promised to her. The friendships ends up changing both their lives.

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