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Digital Griffix Awards nominee in the Best screenplay for feature film category

Congratulations again to Jesse Dorian !


A 6-foot tall humanoid-primate from the Amazon rainforest, called a “chilamasman,” the last of its species-- and an intense, deeply troubled, mentally unstable American adult male are both held captive by a U.S. government-funded program performing a psychological experiment, forcing the two of them to live together inside a single, maximum security containment habitat— and replica— of a modern-day condominium apartment.


An emotionally repressed, yet complacent, thirty year-old man dying of chronic alcoholism receives a mysterious six-foot tall wooden crate at his place of residence while both his body and mind begin to fail during a 72-hour-plus period of acute alcohol withdrawal— that abruptly escalates into a psychotic, hallucinogenic nightmare of unspeakable proportions— as he refrains from reaching out for help, while desperately fighting to stay alive.

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