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Digital Griffix awards - Nominee in the Best Micro Film category

Congratulations to Evan Alexander Morton for his nomination in the Best Micro Film category for his chilling film Rec'd !

Synopsis : After a woman turns on a dusty old camera she unleashes a monster she can't see.

Director Biography - Evan Alexander Morton

Evan Morton was born on April 8, 1993 in Los Angeles. He is a director, cinematographer, and writer known for Love at the End of Earth, Life Below Zero, and Theory of Relatives. Evan's father, Peter Morton, got him into the art of cinema at an early age helping him find his passion behind the camera. He started filming skateboarding videos of himself and his friends around the San Fernando Valley. In 2007 he won a Guinness World Record at the X-Games for the most consecutive double kickflips. All in the process practicing camera work and editing without even knowing it. In high school he took a filmmaking class and hasn't stopped filming ever since.

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