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Digital Griffix Awards nominee in the Best First Time Director category

Congratulations to BRIJESH TANGI and his team for their work on #Viral

#Viral Prapancham is a suspense relationship drama that opens with a 24-year old girl jumping off a building. The whole story happens over computer screens, series of video calls, several YouTube videos, collection of social-media stories and a bunch of text messages. This story is about how relationships drift apart on the virtual world. Swapna, a girl who has just moved to the United States for higher studies, tries to save her 4-year old relationship with whatever it takes. Aditi, an emotionally dependent girl living by herself, tries to establish an emotional bond with a guy she meets on a social-media platform. These girls trust their guys and the internet, but neither deserve their trust! Who is going to be the victim of privacy violation? Swapna or Aditi? Who is the girl that takes her life?

The movie explores long distance relationships and how these relationships are being affected by social-media platforms. It also expostulates violation of privacy over the internet, an unexplored yet a burning cybercrime in India.

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