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Digital Griffix Awards nominee in the Best Covid film and Best documentary feature category

Our world has lost too many traditional art forms. “Pain of Silence” thoughtfully captures the struggles of five traditional Thai artists whose existence has been further threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Director Christopher Janwong McKiggan, a Thai-English filmmaker and classical pianist, and co-director Poomphong Kumwong, a Thai traditional musician and filmmaker, explore the world of Thai traditional arts in a series of captivating interviews. They uncover the harsh realities faced by the practitioners, their resilience in the face of adversity, and the uncertain future that threatens to engulf these traditional and revered art forms.

“Pain of Silence” examines the work of ' Hun Lakhon Lek Sippathum Kumnai' (Thai Traditional Puppets), ethnic group 'Thai Song Dam', 'Mae Phe Tai Hun Lakhon Khon' (Thai human puppet group), the leather art Grand Shadow play 'Nung Yai' (Thai leather craft), and the award-winning blind 'Phin' (traditional Thai lute) player Boonma Khaowong. This important documentary illuminates the importance of these traditional art forms and inspires renewed support for these artists and their craft. Through powerful storytelling, "Pain of Silence" inspires audiences with a deeper understanding of the significance of these art forms and the need to preserve them for future generations.

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