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Digital Griffix Awards Nominee in Best Web Series

An impressive web serie written by Magali LE MENS and Rebecca MANZONI directed by Aurélie POLLET and Gustavo ALMENARA

This is the serie to watch to learn about contemporary art !

Contemporary art often seems incomprehensible and the works gratuitously provocative. However, like all the other artists before them, those of today often make new with old. And they even love it: they are the champions of the copy, the reference, the quotation and the detour.

Classical works that have become milestones in the uninterrupted flow of artistic creation thus reach the status of icons. But around them, with the passing of time and artists, aesthetic positions, pictorial proposals and political discourses change. What better way to enter contemporary art than to follow, from artist to artist, the transformations of an initial work?

In 10 times 4 minutes, ARTJACKING! allows us to review our classics and to penetrate the mysteries of today's creation. From Manet to Claire Fontaine, from Courbet to Yan Pei Ming, from Monet to Bridget Riley, from Mondrian to Sylvie Fleury, from Magritte to Présence Panchounette or from Malevitch to Sherrie Levine, Artjacking! is a journey through the history of contemporary art that is both thorough and entertaining.

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