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Digital Griffix Awards interview with our Best Web Series winner

-What made you go into filmmaking/music video creation/original music creation/script writing ?

I just have always enjoyed visual arts, and I tried my hand at multiple field like drawing, graphic design, animation, and in the end settled on video/cinema (and i'm quite happy with it, I made the right choice for me I think)

-What is your favorite movie/music video clip/original song, and why?

I don't really have one main "favorite movie", but right now I really enjoy HBO-type shows like Succession or Righteous Gemstones

-How would you make your last movie/music video/original music better, if you had that opportunity?

We want it to be an action/comedy, so if I have to do it again, with a bigger budget hopefully, we definitely would ramp up the action and set pieces.

-Why did you choose that particular subject for your latest film? (if it applies to you)

It's just a genre that isn't much represented in web series, especially where we are from (those kind of shows are always about cops, and we wanted to do something about people that let's say, didn't had an easy life, but just try to get by), and we just wanted to do it because we enjoy these type of content.

-What do you think is the most important thing to know when you start a career in filmmaking/music video creation/ original music creation/ script writing ?

Sadly, it's to have connections, or to know how to find some good contact/expand your network.

-Can you give us a hint about your upcoming projects ?

We're still trying to gather enough financing to make the rest of the series happen, so I would say that haha.

-Where can we follow you and your projects ? (website, facebook, etc)

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