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Digital Griffix Awards interview with our Best Drama winner Maryam Khodabakhsh for ''World Cup''

-What made you go into filmmaking? I don’t know exactly, I think I was born with a passion for filmmaking. I was like creating stories and drawing storyboards, directing my friends for some acting since I was a child and after! -What is your favorite movie, and why? Capernaum is my favorite movie. Because it has depicted a true concern in a very true and real way, and it has very talented actors and actresses, and it has a great director. -How would you make your last movie better, if you had that opportunity? I did some things myself because of Lack of funding for many reasons, if I could go back I would definitely let other people do it. -Why did you choose that particular subject for your latest film? Because I was in a situation in my life where I was suffering similar to this movie. Every character in this movie somehow lived in my mind. -What do you think is the most important thing to know when you start a career in filmmaking? Knowing the right way to communicate with others and knowing the science of psychology. Every work is hard to achieve at first and you have to try many times to conquer it. -Can you give us a hint about your upcoming projects? My new project is about women and their beauty challenges. -Where can we follow you and your projects? (Website, Facebook, etc.) Many thanks again for submitting!! Thank you for your great support and festival.

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