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Digital Griffix Awards interview with our Best comedy and Best Dark comedy winner, Julie Ducrocq

-What made you go into filmmaking/music video

creation/original music creation/script writing ?

I studied in a cinema school of Paris (EICAR). As a part of my

school program I found an internship to Nostromo production

which edited trailers for some tv programs and channels.

Emmanuel from Nostromo Production knew that I also made

music (that is easier than cinema when you want to stay in an

artistic domain) and Emmanuel decided to produce my music

video called « L’érotomane » that you can find on youtube, a

mix between narrative, psychological drama and music/art

video. I wanted to enhance the music that was not recorded in

a real studio with a good sound engineer and beyond all that

was the video that attracted attention! I planed some gigs,

accompanied by video projection all along the show. After

that, I met some indie productions to collaborate for others


-What is your favorite movie/music video clip/original

song, and why?

Most of the time I admit that I like movies made 10 to 20

years ago as Fight Club, Trainspotting, Mulholland Drive,

Eyes Wide Shut, Collateral, Only lovers left alive. In music

videos, I like 80’s and nocturnal atmospheres, Billy Idol has

some amazing music videos, one of them was directed by

David Fincher and it’s called « Cradle of Love ». I also like

the music video of David Bowie « I’m afraid of Americans »

with the musical arrangements of Trent Reznor, I like the

colours, the use of slow motion when he tries to escape the

people in a zombified and fanaticised city with some sense of

humour !

-How would you make your last movie/music

video/original music better, if you had that opportunity?

I would like to have more time sometimes, more days of

shooting (as a lot of filmmakers !) to diversify the camera

shots and further enrich the content, I use to be limited in time

so I need to be efficient. For my music videos, I hope to

record in my own home studio soon.

-Why did you choose that particular subject for your latest

film? (if it applies to you)

With « La Zingara et Les Jeunes Gens », I wanted to highlight

a kind of disintegration that we know currently in France, and

a form of denial with those people that contribute in this

disintegration and work against their own interests and for

everyone’s fall ! That is a comedy with a bitter background

that question us on how have we got there.

-What do you think is the most important thing to know

when you start a career in filmmaking/music video

creation/ original music creation/ script writing ?

The most important is to know what you want ! You need to

know how you want the project to be.

All the upstream work that you can bring is necessary to

achieve your project at the best, I don’t want to have too much

regrets ! I need to be able to assure the good execution of the

scenes !

-Can you give us a hint about your upcoming projects ?

I continue to make my music videos for my own music and

soon for others !

Being on the narrative films side, I need some funds to

produce a serie with the fables by Jean de La Fontaine that

will complete the work already made and presented in

festivals currently. So I could shape a real feature with the

others scripts I wrote, or «a film made of sketches » that could

be a serie with short episodes around 10 minutes, before or

after another recurring tv program! The fables by La Fontaine

can be still current and I was glad to share it in your festival.

With Montreal we also have this common french culture!

-Where can we follow you and your projects ? (website,

facebook, etc)

I work at Les instants magnétiques, my postprod sanctuary!

For the moment the website is in progress and will be

available in the next months. But you can find the page « Les

instants magnétiques » on facebook and also on instagram !


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