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About Us

Begin to dream and explore all the possibilities of digital reality

Founded in 2011, Digital Griffix is a film production company creating films and 3D models for the video games and film industry.  Our most recent works include ''Helena's Dream'' which had its World Premiere at the LA Femme International Film Festival and won the best director animation along with  the best foreign film award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards in 2015, and the ''Best Animation'' prize at the Direct Short Online Film Festival in 2015.  It also won an ''award of merit'' at the Accolade Global Film competition and at the Best Shorts competition, with a jury composed of Telly and Emmy awards winners. We've also been recently collaborating with Michael Grais (Cool World, Poltergeist) for the design of a creature for a film in development.

With the recent pandemic, there has been a large decline in mental health.

We recently completed a short, animated film aimed at suicide prevention ''Keep Painting, Mom''. It features a young male teenager aspiring to become a comic book artist. He is suffering from depression and has to find his way out of what turns out to be a heart-wrenching psychological nightmare.

The film, endorsed by l''Association des psychologues du Québec'' is fifteen-minute long.

This animation about the power of art and love was created to give hope to people suffering from depression around the world and to remind us of our inner strength.

The film uses 2d and 3d animation, along with digital painting methods : characters are evolving inside a painting.


Digital Griffix has its own online film festival, screening films from around the globe, all year. 

The name ''Griffix'' comes from the fusion of the words ''Griffin'' and ''Phoenix''.
The griffin, giant creature, symbolizes force. Digital Griffix finds its essence in its devotion to all its clients. Our capacities are without limits and surprise the imagination.
The Phoenix, the bird that arises from his ashes, represents a fiery quantity of ideas and the wind of renewal that we will be able to communicate in all of your projects.

Skills :
3D Modeling, animation and texture

- Creation of 3D environments (realistic or cartoon style with textures)
- Creation of 3D realistic characters or cartoon characters with textures
- Creation of the rigs of the characters and animation (lyp-synch and facial expressions)


 Post-Production (Compositing)


-Integration of 3D elements in live action scenes
-2D visual effects


(offered by our partner in San Francisco, Gundolina Art Studio)


Illustrations / Storyboards



- Concepts and environment designs of fantasy elements or realistic elements
- Concepts and designs of fantasy or realistic characters
- Storyboards in color or black and white for pre-production


Tel: 514-992-7298


Heloise Magny
CG Supervisor, Animated Film Director


Margarita Manoilow
San Francisco Visual Effects Supervisor


Richard Mercier
Director of Photography









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